Replay: Watch The Real Book Spy in Conversation with Author Nick Petrie



Last week, The Real Book Spy Ryan Steck and his adult daughter, Brynn Steck, welcomed bestselling author Nick Petrie onto The Run On podcast to talk about his new book, The Price You Pay.

What is The Run On podcast? An extension of The Real Book Spy and his work here, Ryan Steck—author, editor, critic, and founder of TRBS—is throwing the book at conventional interviews. Other genres have “BookTok,” whereas thrillers, on the other hand, rely more on standard social media platforms such as X, Facebook, and Instagram to go with word of mouth. That reality, coupled with the fact that Steck has set his sights on reaching a younger audience to help introduce them to great books to read, paved the way for The Run On. A new podcast hosted exclusively on Twitch, The Run On will welcome new authors on Thursday evenings, inviting them to discuss their books but also play “Would You Rather,” touch on recent pop culture news, and whatever else might come up. Best of all, it all goes down live, so you can join the conversation and ask questions along the way.

Last Thursday, Nick Petrie, author of the Peter Ash series, stopped by The Run On, and, well, let’s just say a lot of laughter soon followed as the conversation quickly turned to Nick’s uncanny resemblance to actor Jason Statham, followed by jokes about his fitness routines and other topics. Of course, Nick also spoke about his new novel, which is now available everywhere books are sold. Watch the interview below—skip to the 22-minute marker if you want to watch from the beginning—and if you don’t already have a Twitch account, you can make one for free here. It takes less than five minutes, and then you can join in on the fun in future interviews.

See you next time!

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